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80’s Japanese Boogie Funk Vol.1

80’s Japanese Boogie Funk Vol.1

At, we love Japanese Funk and Boogie music.
The time has come to release our first Selection of great Japanese cuts !
Here is Japanese Boogie Funk Vol 1 !!! Enjoy the selection and tell us what song you prefer
Sayonara Funky Friends from all over the world especially our Japanese friends !

  1. Jingle
  2. Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talking (LP – For You – Air Records 1982 Japan)
  3. Myx – Everybody Get Up (LP – MYX – Invitation – 1981 Japan)
  4. Funky Bureau – Clap your hands together (LP – Boogie Train – JVC – 1977 Japan)
  5. Keiko Project – Midnight Shuffle (EP – Compositions – Canyon Records – 1985 Japan)
  6. Shoody – Tokyo Melody (Single – Invitation Records 1980)
  7. Anri – Bring Me To The Dancelight (LP – Coool – For Life Records – 1984 Japan)
  8. Marlene with Sea Wind – Summer Nights (LP – Summer Nights – Invitation – 1983 Japan)
  9. Noriki – City Lights (LP – Eastworld ‎- 1984 Japan)
  10. Jadoes – Windy Noon (LP – Free Drink – Air Records – 1988 Japan)

Selection by Fanateek One

Published by: Fanateek One
  1. Marathon Edits

    2 years ago

    You’ve done a really good job with this, and there are some serious essentials here. I’d never heard MYX before, so thanks for that! If you’re not familiar (but you probably are), you should check out Yoshida Minako’s “Town” and Tatsuro Yamashita’s “Merry Go Round”. They’d fit in nicely with this set, and Town might have one of the heaviest basslines I’ve ever heard!

  2. Fanateek One

    2 years ago

    Hello !
    It’s a pleasure to let you discover new Japanese Artists. Myx is a very unknown group from Japan. As I know they only release 1 LP and a single for a Japanese movie in 1981. These are very rare records. I will upload the 2 vinyls to our release section.
    A few years ago they release a reedition CD of the album. If you want to get it, it’s more easy.
    If you want the LP i may have a second copy at home :)

    About Tatsuro and Minako Yoshida, I can tell you that I love these artist !!! In Vol 2. I will put some Minako’s funky tunes.

    There is a lot of obcsure funk in Japan and I’m very very happy to have the possibility to share my collection with friends :)

    Thank you for your comment Marathon Edits and have a nice and funky day !!

    F One

  3. Olson

    2 years ago

    Really stoked to see your playlist!
    I’ve heard a couple before, and this is solid groove around here!
    This is the first time I take a look to your website, and I’m happy to see funk lovers keeping the fire burning! I was wondering if you had some more tunes from Japan, I’m actually looking for some forgotten LP from early 80’s Synth-Pop, J-Pop, Fusion, and so on.
    I saw you put the incredible Tatsuro Yamashita – Love Talking, this is probably one of my all time favorite! I think you get what I meant by this kind of Japanese Soul/Funk.
    I’ve just started my record collection, a bit of everything that sounds good to me, from Detroit House, to Japanese funk, it would be a pleasure to share some tunes with you guys!
    By the way I’m also french, but living in UK for my studies, so if you hold a shop in Montpellier it would be a pleasure to come and take a look!



  4. Fanateek One

    2 years ago

    Hello Valentin :) I’m also french (bonjour !) but in my case living in Madrid, Spain.
    My buddy and co founder Albin is from Montpellier but lives in Lausanne. I will tell him he has a new funky friend from his city 😀 He will be happy

    By the way I will publish a new mix of japanese funky grooves.
    I’m collecting these grooves for more than 10 years now and I think it’s time to share my LPs with boogie80 friends :)

    More to come !!
    Thanks Valentin, always a real pleasure :)

    best wishes !
    Fanateek One

  5. Albin Filet Mignon Boogie

    2 years ago

    Hey Olson. Are you from Montpellier ?

  6. Jim

    2 years ago

    Hi please can you re-upload the mix please :)

  7. Jim

    2 years ago

    Please can you re-up the mix please :)

  8. Albin Filet Mignon Boogie

    2 years ago

    Yes Jim ! It is online again. You can download it too. Enjoy !