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Amadeo 85
Amadeo 85

Spaced-out synths, fusion guitar riffs, 80’s electro-funk rhythms … welcome to Amadeo’s universe!
Former graffiti artist, Amadeo grew up around the B-Boys culture, his musical beginnings dating back to the early 2000’s, when he was creating boom-bap hip-hop instrumentals.
Quickly infected by the funk virus, he started digging in the crates and collecting records, and kept on developing his passion for musical creation – he had fallen victim to the incurable disease of music addiction.
Piece by piece, he started to create his own home studio, where vintage synths and keyboards are piling up. He has constantly been making music since 2008, always on the look-out for new sounds.
Influenced by psychedelic funk (G. Clinton, M. Starr, Prince Charles), Bar-Kays-esque warm synths, and crazy Hip-Hop grooves (Bambaata, R. Cason, J. Davis) as well as exploitation movies, graffiti and comic books, each of his tracks develops atmospheres that are equally funky and atypical … Are you ready for the experience?