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AMEEGA is the stage name for Zo A.R a musician haling from Madagascar, a self-taught composer-arranger, who founded several Funk bands in Madagascar as well as in France. Zo’s original songs, were the cornerstone of the Funk movement in Madagascar as well as France. These are not just archeological material. They are still very much ‘alive’ because they were played, published and covered by the media.

Zo’s involvment in Funk reached it’s peak in 1993 when he founded a Funk specialised label in Grenoble : ZIMPEDANCE. An album entitled Undelible came out of this experience, mixing Funk and Terno under the band name ZE SMILE. The meaning of the whole album was that funk is within us and cannot be erased. That album was produced by Amiga Loba for ZIMPEDANCE.

Released on tape, it was distributed in Madagascar and in the South-East of France and received rave reviews based on the band’s creativity from such magazines as Keyboards. It was supported through a lot of gigs! Ze Smile was reputated funky and authentic, and mostly known to be the first band ever, to play Zo’s exclusive musical style : the TERNO !

To listen to samples of the album, please click here

 TERNO is Zo’s own style, created since 1983 : a mixing of Funk sound and malagasy ternary rythm (6/8, 12/8). The Terno songs are sung in malagasy.

However, the total lack of support on a national level for any kind of FUNK (artists or albums) by the major record companies, was the reason why the label subsequently folded in 1994. But lessons were learned through this experience..Within the musical industry, everything should fit a format or be presented under certain guidelines. That’s why Zo chose to distribute his music under two different stage names. When Ze SMILE was going with the Terno sound, Ameega was more Funk oriented.

In 2005, Ameega released a new album The Golden Age that will include tracks written by Ameega in the 80’s such as “Give Me A Pinch” (1982) , “Willing” (1989)