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Benny Badge (Freekwency)
Benny Badge (Freekwency)

Benny Badge is an australian 80’s electro funk  producer also known as member of Freekwency and Nite Class.
Benny Raised in Australia under the influence of an eclectic household record collection, Benny took to music with a passion that had him writing songs by age ten. Throughout his teens he established a strong love for the electronic sounds of 1980s funk and soul music, collecting obscure records sought from contacts overseas. Benny’s love for a bygone era remained a heavy influence as the next few years saw him turn from a young Bboy with hot mixtapes into a busy deejay and producer.

Inspired by an endless list of classic artists including The Cool Notes, 52nd Street, Total Contrast, S.O.S. Band, Aurra, Con Funk Shun and Kleer, and producers such as Jam & Lewis, Leon Sylvers III and Leroy Burgess, Benny began developing his trademark style of drum-heavy, synthesised funk for projects such as “Freekwency” and “Nite Class”. In 2009 Benny formed Secret Heat music, a production base and identity for his works.

In 2012 he created the PPU-affiliated label “Hot Shot Sounds” with likeminded producer Inkswel, releasing new drum machine soul music with a growing artist roster.