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Bybo Funktastic
Bybo Funktastic

Bybo grew up in the early 80s in South-West-Germany. Thru his parents, which were musicans too, he get in contact with chord progressions, sounds, studio-stuff and a huge vinyl-collection at a really young age. His first Keyboard he got from his Father was a 50 $ Casio at the Age of 7.

Thru this influence his career was predetermined. Bands like Bar Kays, Dazz Band, Kleeer…. and so on, let Bybo know that Electro-Funk will be his special field. But Jazz-Funk-Music was a important companion all the time.

After a few years intensive hearing and analyzing the vinyls, bybo want to play the keys by hisself. Funky leads, phat basslines and soulful key-changes were not so easy to play at the first time. But Bybo practiced everyday very hard to get closer to the sound of his paragons.

The next bigger step in his musical career was a longer trip into Rap-Music. Bybo became a really good librettist and also a good MC. Naturally he only did Rap-Music with soulful background. The typical west coast sound like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Nate Dogg and many others was the further stage of the 80s Electro Sound. So Bybo never felt strange in this musicstyle.