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Direct Drive

Direct Drive was a Disco, Soul and Electrofunk act in the 80s.
When the band was founded, it consisted of 4 members: Mick Ward on bass, Pete Quinton on drums, Bob Williams on guitar and Bones playing congas. Later Paul Hardcastle applied as keyboard player, and was joined by Derek Green on vocals to make up the original lineup of the band.

After the release of 2 singles “Don’t Depend On Me” and “Time’s Running Out” on Oval records, Paul and Derek left the band to form First Light.

Direct drive then used a succession of keyboard players for live work and auditioned for a new vocalist; they picked Helen Rogers and released the track “In The Middle Of Spring” on the Passion label.

They then formed their own label ‘Direct Drive Records’ and Production Company ‘BPM’ and released “Pass The Paper”.

In November 1984 they released “Anything” on Direct Drive Record.

This was so successful that it was picked up by Polydor Records and re released by them in early 1985.

Polydors Boiling Point label then released a follow up single called “ABC ( Falling In Love’s Not Easy)” with two remixes of “Anything” (one by Paul Hardcasle and a disastrous mix by Mark King) on the B side.

Direct Drive parted company with Polydor and reverted to releasing tracks on their own label.

Until 1986 they released another 2 singles “I Need Some Sunshine”, and “Oh Yeah!”.

All members are now reported to be living in Marrakech.

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