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Eddy Funkster
Eddy Funkster
Eddy has been listening to boogie funk since he was a kid growing up in the 80’s.  “My mom would always have the R & B station on when going to school, so I got a lot of oldies and The Whispers “Rock Steady””. Eddy was an avid popper in the 90’s learning from the Electric Boogaloos and other masters of street dancing.  Understanding popping you have to understand funk music.  This was when he started to collect records, a passion that he still follows to this day. In the 2000’s he linked up with Dam Funk and the Funkmosphere crew in Los Angeles to hold down the Funkmosphere night.  This night is one of the most world renowned nights for 80’s funk music, more commonly known as “Boogie” these days.
Recently, Eddy met XL Middleton by chance and the two began producing and crafting their version of Boogie, with more of a Southern California feel.  They just recently started the Mofunk Records label to release their own material and material they feel needs to be heard world wide.  With releases coming out on their own Mofunk imprint and Voltaire Records out of San Francisco, 2013 is the year to watch out for Eddy Funkster.