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In 1983 an obscure Petrus/Malavasi style influenced band from Italy released the album “New Harlem funk” on the small Italian label Maximus Records. The Flowchart concept was simple and executed in the same way as Petrus did from the start by using Italian musicians and American vocalists. The music had strong similarities with the music Malavasi and Romani had written for Petrus empire but connections can also be heard with groups like Shalamar. The big canons from the album is the monster hit “Ask the boss” heavily influenced by other Petrus productions that year, especially Zinc and High fashion. Romani’s distinct guitar play is easy recognizable here and he had most likely a few words to say during the creation process of the album. Other notable tracks are seductive “R. U. single” and the slick and highly tasty dance gem “I saw him make eyes at choo”.

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