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The Funky Drive Band
The Funky Drive Band

The Funky Drive band is French band from Lyon (France) formed in 2008 and made of 13 members: Bumpy T.T. (vocal), Kongbo Godogo (vocal),  Sooheer (vocal), Kuky Kamanda (vocal), Hadia (vocal), Dawn Eyes (vocal), Shan (drum), Omarr (bass), Azzdeen (guitar), Jenny Lord (guitar/synth), Alan Push (synth), Kâshif Kroch’ (percussion/synth) and Tams (sax).


The band took part to the Funkysize compilation “Weird Jam Project” with the song “Lost Generation” in 2011. A year later, They released their first LP “Dance Or Die” in their own independant label R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes.

The band is heavily influenced by  80’s Funk, Boogie and Modern Soul. The  main themes of the songs’ lyrics are street life, society troubles, love stories, fun times, parties & music…

The Funky Drive Band  is currently working on different live shows and is also in the process of recording a new LP on R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes as well as 2 singles for the USA.

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