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Monica Mendoza
Monica Mendoza

A chance meeting at a club with modern funk maestro DāM-FunK not only landed L.A. up-and-comer Moni Mendoza her first solo gig but, more importantly, helped her tap into her still semi-subconscious musical voice.

“I remember listening to DāM-FunK track ‘10 West’ and said to myself that it’s what I always wanted to hear,” said Mendoza. “Nothing makes me happier when a funk track is playing. It’s magic!”

Born in exotic Costa Rica and raised in sunny SoCal, Mendoza started drumming at age 14.

“I remember my dad used to bump oldies in the car and I instantly got intrigued with sounds,” she explained.

After a decade of propelling blues, Spanish and alternative bands, Mendoza realized that she wanted to do so much more than just keep the beat. Embracing her lifelong love of singing, she abandoned bands in favor of her own do-it-all-yourself project.

Drawing upon hip hop, soul, R&B, 80’s pop and, of course, funk influences, the creation of her debut from-scratch solo track immediately had Mendoza, who is still just 26, hooked.

“I found that spark in myself and kept going,” she enthused.

The results are beat-heavy, dreamy-voiced jams at once sultry and psychedelic.

Learning the ropes on stage and in the studio as she goes, Moni Mendoza’s vision is now vast.

“My mission is to travel the world with my music and give back to people in hopes that I can inspire them,” she concluded, flashing her signature broad smile. “I wanna give back what music has always given me.”