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Nickee B
Nickee B

Nickee B is a French producer from Lyon, France.

From an early age, he got introduced to 80′s funk which clearly appeared to him as a musical revelation.
This growing passion for 80′s grooves naturally led him to engage himself in music production in 2009 with influences such as Nick Straker Band, BB & Q Band, Kashif, Second Image or even The Limit.

Nickee B’s style is easily recognizable: heavy beats, powerful basslines, catchy melodies and a a major dose of synths !
His first official release, the 7 track EP “1984” will be released in digital format in May 2016 on Cadencé Records. In February 2017, Nickee released his first physical release on Cadencé Records,  the killer 7′, “Shy Young Lady” / “Midnight Promenade” that went sold out after only 2 months.