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Sterling Saint Jacques

Model, singer and dancer on the New York fashion scene during the late 1970s and 80s.
Sterling was the adopted son of actor Raymond St. Jacques (Cotton Comes To Harlem).
Sterling St. Jacques was a party boy and top male model in the 1970’s. His eyes appear blue (contacts) in the but they were actually grey in person. He was tall and breathtakingly handsome, he was also a professional dancer who traveled frequently between New York and Europe and he was a regular at Studio 54.His dance partner and good friend was runway icon Pat Cleveland. In 1980, he released an album but 80’s Funk lovers will only remember him for “Comin’ Into Love” released in 1983.Allegedly, even back then, rumors circulated that he shared the beds of some of the most desirable men in the world, including: singers, rockers and actors, white and black. St. Jacques contracted AIDS and died in 1984 in New York City, not knowing who gave it to him.

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