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Steve Washington

Formed in Ohio by New Jersey native horn player/songwriter/producer Steve Washington (funk obviously runs in the blood – Washington’s uncle was Ralph ‘Pee Wee’ Middlebrook of the famed Ohio Players). The group moved to the home of Washington’s parents,¬† receiving their demo which lead to their signing with Cotillion/Atlantic. Slave performed edgy funk grooves that rival (or even overwhelm) what is considered ‘hard’ street music today. By the time the Cotillion/Atlantic album “Stone Jam”, originally release in September 1980, came out, Steve Washington had departed the group to form another band, Aurra.

Steve “The Fearless Leader” Washington was a key figure in Aurra’s formation and direction. Formed in 1979 as a spin-off from Slave and originally consisted of Starleana Young and Curt Jones (Lead vocals), Charles Carter and Buddy Hankerson¬† But just like Slave, Aurra was not a group in the strict sense of the word, more like an extended family, where members from both camps collaborated freely across the borders that record contracts, managers normally sets up.

Steve Washington after departing from Aurra was married to Sheila Horne (Brides of Funkenstein, Mary Jane Girls, Amuka). The couple collaborated as producers/songwriters to produce “Civic Attack”. Contributing Lead and Rhythm Guitar is Mark ” Dracc” Hicks and Guitar by Curt Jones, friends and former bandmates.

Another musical desire comes true for Steve Washington as he gets knee-deep in P-Funk. Steve played various instruments, wrote and produced for George Clinton, starting with “Pleasures of Exhaustion (Do It Till I Drop)”, an album track from Clinton’s “Some Of My Best Jokes Are Friends” (’85). The collaboration continued with “Hey Good Lookin'” and “Do Fries Go With That Shake“, incidentally the only two singles to be lifted from “R&B Skeletons In The Closet” (’86), While Do Fries Go With That Shake appears on the soundtrack to the movie “GOOD BURGER”. “French Kiss” (“89) from the album Cinderella Theory. (1993) Washington penned “The High In My Hello” from the Hey Man Smell My Finger LP.
Washington continues the Funk with his solo project entitled “Like A Shot”. Contributing Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Synthesizer [Crumar Performer, Prophet], Trumpet [1st, 2nd, 3rd], Percussion, and Drum Machine. Washington again collaborates with Shelia Horne, Curt Jones and Mark “Dracc” Hicks. Like Civil Attack, Like A Shot were more favorable in the UK and Netherlands.

Steve also wrote, produced and played with Jimmy G. and the Tackheads. Later striking a deal with the Westbound/Nine Record Label to put out a four song EP for the Slave/Aurra Crew. With contributions by some of the P-Funk All Stars members, ‘Blackbyrd’ McKnight, Lige and Patty Curry and David Spradley, the Slave/Aurra Crew sounded like the Aurra album ‘A Little Love’, with a few Slave influences, however the album was never fully promoted. (1994) .

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