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Time Machine Gang

The Time Machine Gang is a Funk formation, bringing together different artists from several French and American independent funk labels. Indeed, this first opus “Outatime” was made in collaboration with the labels Funkysize, Diggy Down Recordz, R.S.J Recordz and Throwbakk Muzikk. The project produced by Christopher Vignoli alias ZappChris Funk started in 2015, ending in September 2017.

The goal of this album was to sincerely reproduce the funk eighties and dancefloor, so much appreciated by fans and collectors of this style. ZappChris Funk created the Magic Funk Records label for this purpose, but also to highlight the independent artists of the Funk scene.

The participating artists are: Bumpy TT, Hic Box, Christian LabbĂ©, Kashif Kroche, Angie Gooden, ZappChris Funk, Funkyjames, David Vignoli, Zoubida Mebarki, Hadi-A Hadi-O, Vincent Sanchez, Man Man, Caramel Allison, Pierre Olivier Ladet. The album “Outatime” was shot at only 300 copies on vinyl format.