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This interracial Brit-funk band started as a six piece in 1980. The group, which then included Phil Bishop, Jim Ross and Tony Simmons, was taken under the wing of producer Alpine Grat. He recorded their first single “Everybody Get Up” at the studio belonging to his famous brother, Eddy Grant. Though not a hit, it caused a big enough stir in the clubs to secure the group a contract with AM Records.

They released several records over the next two years on that label, including the critically acclaimed “Girl” and “No Way Out”, but neither charted. Disappoined with the lack of crossover sales, the group, now reduced to a quartet, joined RCA Records in 1983.Top producer Steve Levine worked with the foursome, Bishop (guitar), Ray Davies (bass,vocals), Pat Seymour (keyboards) and Rusty Jones (drumbs). Their first release ‘Love’s Gonna Get Ya” gave them their only UK chart. The same year the band also released “You Make Me feel” that remains one of the most appreciated and sought after release by 80’s funk lovers.

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