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Created in 2015 by Boogie80 members Fanateek One and Albin Filet Mignon, Cadencé Records is a label specialized in Modern grooves with obvious 80’s Synth Funk influences.

The purpose of the label is to promote the European New Funk Scene and offer music lovers some of the finest music inspired by the sound of the 80’s.

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Heather Haywood, funk, modern funk, cadence records, nickee b, 2017


Heather Haywood – Party Tonight / Give it up

Presales Date: Oct 7th 2017
Release Date:
Oct 14 2017
Format: 7″ vinyl (500 copies), Digital
Cat Number: CAD-SP002


Brit singer Heather Haywood is back on track with this limited edition 7 inch single. For this release, Heather teamed up with talented French producer Nickee B (previously released on Cadencé Records) who wrote and produced both songs.

Heather enjoys a strong reputation in the Brit Soul scene, she was one of the two lead singers (along with Lauraine McIntosh) of the famous South London Soul music band, The Cool Notes.
She was the voice behind the band biggest hit single «Spend The Night» that peaked at No.11 in the UK charts in 1985.
The uplifting «Party Tonight» with its high-pitch synth sounds will throw you back to 1984!

Whatever you’re in the mood for, shakin’ your body to the floor or riding the city night in your Pontiac Trans AM, this song will do just right!

The flip side «Give It Up» is more «serious sounding» in comparison with Side A but remains frightfully effective on a dancefloor! This tune might remind you the 80’s sound of Recording labels such as Prelude or Sam Records.

New ! You can get your digital version on Bandcamp page with exclusive extended mixes and intrumental versions!



Nickee B – Shy Young Lady / Midnight Promenade

Release Date: Feb 1st 2017
Format: 7″ vinyl (500 copies), Digital
Cat Number: CAD-SP001

Last copies available on bandcamp

For the first time in modern history, Nickee B’s music is on vinyl! Joke appart, after his promising debut EP « 1984 » released digitally in May 2016 on Cadencé Records, Nickee B is back on track with his first vinyl release !

Shy Young Lady” is an energetic Synth Boogie gem where Nickee B pays a tribute to Henry Horne (The Creations “Kinky Girl”).

The flip side Midnight Promenade”, a smooth instrumental song with its lovely piano and its punchy bass line, is another signature song of Nickee B.

Digital Version

Digital Bonus Track “Break!” for Bandcamp !

Break!“, the bonus track of this release, is an old-school style breakdancing Funk Jam, tribute to the New York Bboys sub-culture of the 80’s. Card-box out and make some electric boogaloo !



Nickee B — 1984

nickee B 1984

Release Date: May 13, 2016
Format: Digital (Bandcamp)
Cat Number: CAD-EP001

We are excited to announce the release of Nickee B first official release. This EP makes no secret on Nickee B 80’s synth funk influences !  The uplifting “Sweet Love” (featuring Canadian singer Satori in Bed) clearly sets the tone of the album. In this projet, the artist pays tribute to some of his major musical influences by revisiting the classic 80’s Funk cuts “Destiny”  and “Cover Girl”. The electric poppy track “1984” features Nickee B’s own vocal performance. The smooth instrumental “Midnight Promenade” and its lovely piano and punchy bass lines is another signature song for those who are familiar with Nickee B’s music. The last (but not least) song “Night Thoughts”, presents a different savour that will most likely please 80’s Synth Wave fans,  an ideal tune for cruising at night !

Satori in Bed is a project by Damien Faity Rougier, Canadian Music producer, Composer, Singer, based in Montreal.

The Satori In Bed experience is a verdantly textured and varied experience in 80s sounds that range from totally incredible pop stylings to synth funk odysseys, It brings you back to the 80’s, when music was FUN, & UPLIFTING. More info about 1984 EP project

Digital Version

Get “1984” at Bandcamp



Fanateek One with Rach B – Cool City Nights

Release Date: April 2015
180 gr premium LP vinyl, Digital
Cat Number: CAD-LP001


Fanateek One with Rach B first album. A modern soul, Modern Funk, Pop 80’s and Boogie album recorded in summer 2014 and released in April 2015. This is the first cadencé records project. A catchy and funky album backed with Brit singer Rach B. This album was released using the innovative crowdfunding system. 113 persons contributed to the project and permit to Fanateek One to release this yet Modern Funk classic album to be pressed on wax. We choose to press it in a very exclusive 180 gr wax with inserts. A must have in every modern groove enthusiast collection! More info about Cool City Nights project



Digital Version