Marwan (Montpellier, France)

I’m afraid I won’t be able to remember exactly the very first boogie/funk track that I had listened to but I believe it was around 1986/87 during the Italo disco era, and too young back then to know the name for this particular style of music. Then I began to hear these funky tracks by tuning in to radio stations in the early 90’s every Friday and Saturday night (“Nostalgie Dance” on Nostalgie Radio and “Night Fever” on Cherie FM). Most of songs were disco tunes but then I started to distinguish more funkier music by discovering some classic jams. From that moment on it was quite difficult for me to discover new titles until 1997 where a new radio programme presented by famous DJ Kheops from Marseille (Southern France) started playing serious, mainly obscure 80’s soul/funk tunes. There was no question about it , by that time boogie was the music I loved & definitely what I wanted to have more of in my collection.

Albin Filet Mignon Boogie (Geneva, Switzerland)

As far as I can remember, my first contact with 80’s black music was back in the early 90’s, probably around 1993, when I was listening to my mother’s record collection. Amongst her records, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and Billy Ocean’s “Suddenly” were the two albums that really started my passion for 80’s funky music. Tunes such as “P.Y.T”, ”Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”, “Baby Be Mine” and “Dancefloor” by Billy Ocean were at the time my favourite cuts. From that moment, I started to realize that this specific kind of dance music had a special effect on me. As I was young, I did not really know how to name it or classify it but it was clear that it was the kind of music I liked! As the years went by, my passion for this music kept on growing and my knowledge about it became sharper. I was now more “educated” and clearly able to understand why I loved it so much. Boogie, soul, modern soul, jazz funk, electro funk, all these different musical styles were part of my daily life but it’s only in 2004 that I really started to collect vinyl.

So here I am, more addicted than ever, seeking records from all manner of places, from the specialists record stores, second-hand charity shops to even the attic of my best friend’s granddad! Record seeking has now become a part of life where ever I go, from London to Los Angeles!

Fanateek One (Spain)

My name is FX, i'm a franco-spanish guy based in Spain. I've been collecting 80's funk gems since 2000 and produce Modern Funk / 80's synth-pop. In high school, I started collecting 80′s Funk vinyls, which helped me to build my musical universe. At university, under the pseudonym of “smithsmith”, I started to digg rare funky records from all over the world and diffuse them on a French student radio during a weekly show entitled “Boogie Nights“. The head-drenched melodies, funky rhythms I began composing music. I released my first Boogie Funk & synth album in LP format in 2015. It's called "Cool city nights" and features 10 tracks with the english singer Rach B. Today i'm in charge of Cadencé Records the label, producing the finest groove of the modern scene Favorite music styles: 80′s Funk, 80′s Pop, 80′s Italo funk, 80′s Synths, Japanese pop-funk (Toshiki Kadomatsu, Miho Fujiwara, Anri, Tatsuro Yamashita, Hitomi & Keiko Tohyama...). Main inspirations: The limit, The System, Cool Notes, B B & Q band, Nick Martinelli, Marcus Miller, Paul Hardcastle, Loose Ends,