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Pick Your Tunes – Episode #5

Pick Your Tunes – Episode #5


Sladjana Lauermann also known as “AciLove“ on Mixcloud, loves Soul music since she was twelve years old and collect records from the same time on. Grewing up in the 80’s explains why she got into this kind of music.

“When i hear the sound of an electric piano, I feel like it pushes me back in years when I began to recognise music deeper,  I feel free and harmonical as when I was a young girl.”

My mixes on Mixcloud are always done with vinyl records and made by myself. I chose a few tunes for you.


1. What’s your favorite tune to cruise at night?

Answer: Eric Gamble – “Caught In The Act ” (1989)

Smooth song to drive at nights and not that fast for an overdose ….as i like it!


2. What’s your favorite tune to chill?

Answer: Prime Time – “I Owe It To Myself (1984)

“I Owe It To Myself” from Prime Time Album “Flying High“. I thought twice because selecting this one as Walla P picked a tune from this same album last week the forme but I can chill best to this song and that’s why I chose it !


3. What’s your favorite tune for a romantic evening?

Answer: Snooky – “True Love” (1985)

Ohhh there’s  a lot of them , but I chose one of my current faves, which is Snooky –True Love on 7“ Resent Records produced and arranged by Kevin Mc Cord.


4. What’s your favorite tune to shake your body down to the ground?

Answer:  The Dramatics – “Luv’s Callin'” (1986)

After a hard working day it makes me come down and relax as i love it most to dance my body to the ground.


5. What’s the tune that gives you instant nostalgia?

Answer:  Change – “Hold Tight”  (12” Version) (1981)

I wanted to select a rare one to promote myself a little, but I couldn’t do it, because this song is always my all time favorite, a top tune and always in my heart forever !