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Pick Your Tunes – Episode #6

Pick Your Tunes – Episode #6

OURRA is the pseudonym of South Coast UK based Modern Brit-Funk musician & producer Simon Tappenden. Vintage Drum machines, Synths, Slap Bass, Muted Strats, and an obsessively self indulgent production style make the OURRA sound. You must check out his latest release on Chicago based label Star Creature Records!
Boogie, Jazz-funk, Electro Soul, Brit-Funk, Disco, Jazz and 80’s pop music all made an effect on OURRA through influential artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Shalamar, Level 42, The System, Alexander O’Neil, Prince, Soft Cell, Cameo, Roy Ayres, Hall & Oates, SOS Band and many others. Also an 80’s Funk 12″ collector and Dj. Hit him up for remixes too!

1. What’s your favorite tune to cruise at night?

Answer: Level 42 – “The Pursuit Of Accidents” (1985)

I’m a lifelong fan of this Brit Funk band – they were, and still are a huge musical influence for me. As soon as heard them in the mid 80’s, I knew I wanted to make music myself – this one regularly used to be my night-skate headphones track out under the streetlights.


2. What’s your favorite tune to chill?

Answer: Jon Gorr– “It’s No Lie” (1983)

I picked this up when PPU re-issued it a few years back. I love everything about this track and it never fails to melt me, no lie.


3. What’s your favorite tune for a romantic evening?

Answer: Legacy – “Don’t Waste The Night” (1985)

I was very tempted to say Alexander O’neal’s “If You Were Here Tonight”, and for sure all my selections have equal alternatives, but there’s something that just gets me in this recording.. Maybe the twist in the tale at the end makes it not so romantic, but it certainly conjures up the feelings. Knowing I wanted this track as my answer, I had to record and upload it to youtube myself as there weren’t any good sounding versions


4. What’s your favorite tune to shake your body down to the ground?

Answer:  Shalamar – “Over And Over” (1983)

What a track! Perfection in Soulful Boogie Funk right here. The bassline, the synths, the VOCAL!!!  – it kills me every time and never fails to shake everything I have.



5. What’s the tune that gives you instant nostalgia?

Answer:  Jaki Graham – “Round And Round”  (1985)

What an amazing time for music… Remember when ‘chart’ music was this good? Its a real shame it’s gone now. This is nostalgic for me as my Dad would play this loudly and regularly at home and it takes me straight back. Also, this was the glory days of Top Of The Pops here in the uk and this captures it perfectly. As a kid it was glamour, fun, style, energy and slightly cheesy (everything I love) but check out that keyboard rig :-0 This particular video genuinely brings a tear of nostalgic joy to my eye everytime. The best.