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Pick Your Tunes – Episode #1

Pick Your Tunes – Episode #1


Ruben Allen, also known as SaiR, born in the inspiring city of Porto-Portugal, becomes deeply serious about the drums since an early age, after being part of different bands and projects as a drummer he starts to develop the interest in other instruments like guitar, bass and especially keys, the ability to record his music on his own becomes the main focus. A serious 70’s and 80’s funk and soul fan but the passion for jazz drives him to learn music theory, mainly jazz piano, along the way he becomes a synthesizer enthusiast and they become the heart of his music. His self-title EP released by Omega Supreme Records becomes his greatest milestone.

We put him to the test with this new format to find out what are his favorite tunes!

1. What’s your favorite tune to cruise at night?

Answer: B.T. EXPRESS -“Have Some Fun” (1980)

I had this album in my car for a long time and this was one of my favorite songs, the one I always played on short car courses at night so nowadays I kinda relate both things, also, what could be better than listening to a song that tells you to have fun while you’re cruising at night?!

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2. What’s your favorite tune to chill?

Answer: Willie Hutch -“In & Out” (1982)

This song was on a short playlist I did many years ago and I used to spin it everytime I got home from work, today for me it’s a must to relax, smooth but uplifting.

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3. What’s your favorite tune for a romantic evening?

Answer: Brass Construction -“Easy” (1983)

This is a beautiful instrumental music, smooth chords and a joyful melody that’s takes your spirit high. I don’t know why it’s called “Easy” but it sure makes me takes things easy and go with the flow.

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4. What’s your favorite tune to shake your body down to the ground?

Answer: Brick -“Daze” (1976)

Groove, sax, flute, shouts and the “party on” lyrics, this song combines it all making the perfect recipe to get you to boogie on the dancefloor.

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5. What’s the tune that gives you instant nostalgia?

Answer: THE BARK-KAYS -“Shine” (1976)

This songs has a very epic feel to it in melodic terms, but most important, it contains an important message that makes me feel nostalgic and kinda spaced out, “There’s a shine in everyone; you got to let it through”

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