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Nickee B - 1984


Nickee B

Cadencé Records (Europe)

Format: Digital

Year: May 13, 2016



This EP makes no secret on Nickee B 80’s synth funk influences ! The uplifting “Sweet Love” (featuring Canadian singer Satori in Bed) clearly sets the tone of the album. In this projet, the artist pays tribute to some of his major musical influences by revisiting the classic 80’s Funk cuts “Destiny” and “Cover Girl”. The electric poppy track “1984” features Nickee B’s own vocal performance. The smooth instrumental “Midnight Promenade” and its lovely piano and punchy bass lines is another signature song for those who are familiar with Nickee B’s music. The last (but not least) song “Night Thoughts”, presents a different flavour that will most likely please 80’s Synth Wav fans, an ideal tune for cruising at night !

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