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Various Artists - Bande Originale Du Film “Joy”

Bande Originale Du Film “Joy”

Various Artists

WEA (French)

Format: LP

Year: 1983

Not so common


The only reason to introduce to you the O.S.T. of this classic erotic French movie from ’83 remains the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” inspired track titled “God Of Love“.

The song is quite interesting and features a bassline that sure reminds us all the one used for “Thriller“. From a boogie record collector point of view, the rest of the compilation is not that worthy as it stands as an average O.S.T. and no extra funky track is provided here. But to grab it would be the only way to get the track “God Of Love” available on an original record as the song has never been released as a single.

The song was produced by French artist Alain Wisniak who also got involved in several projects for Cerrone, another famous disco music producer and club hits maker active throughout the 70’s and the 80’s.



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