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Fanateek One - Cool City Nights (with Rach B)

Cool City Nights (with Rach B)

Fanateek One

Cadencé Records (Europe)

Format: LP

Year: 18/04/2015

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Cool City Nights is the perfect mix between Funk, Modern Funk, Boogie, and Synth Pop and Talkbox (featuring Hic Box for Struck by your love instant classic).
Released on Cadencé Records ( Boogie80 very own record label), this debut album is produced by Fanateek One (Music production and Executive prod) and Rach B, a young and talented Modern Funk, english song writer and singer.

This album has been released with the help of 113 persons using the crowdfunding platform

Available on Premium Vinyl Record (500 copies) and digital.

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