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High Fashion - Feelin’ Lucky

Feelin’ Lucky

High Fashion

Capitol Records (US)

Format: LP

Year: 1982

Not so common


High fashion released their first album on Capitol in 82 titled “Feelin’ lucky” and presented a smooth and classy style of R&B mixed with a distinct europop and rock flavor. The name of the group really matched well with their very European sound on most tracks. High fashion’s debut stood out from the rest of the Petrus/Malavasis productions that year, non of them had that pop and rock sound in the same extent with the exception of the obscure but highly interesting album of Zinc. High fashion’s album did indeed include two very typical and classic examples of Little macho productions, the joyful and slick disco influenced “Feelin’ lucky lately” and the catchy and funky Kashif penned “Hold on”. Both tracks were very similar to each other and with many tracks from Change and B. B. & Q. band’s albums as well. As already mentioned, the common procedure was for Petrus to collect all the produced songs among his handful writers and then in the last minute decide which track to be placed on which album, that’s why much of the his artist sounded the same, the “Petrus sound”. This pattern was repeated over and over again with a splendid result!

“Feelin’ lucky lately” immediately became a considerable hit and reached #32 on Billboards R&B chart. The rest of the album, with its soft europop sound mixed with some more groove oriented refrains, was pending from good to decent and didn’t reach the same class as the two mentioned. Most noticeable was the mid-tempo track “I want to be your everything”.

The uprising star of Kashif made a short guestplay and wrote or co-wrote three tracks and co-produced three others. As always, the excellent composer Romani made an extensive contribution with three co-written tracks and among them the main hit of “Feelin’ lucky lately”. The “old warrior” Fonzi Thornton, used on earlier Petrus productions as well as singer on several Chic albums, wrote the lyrics of three tracks. The producers were already known from Change, Petrus and Malavisi. Petrus, the more business oriented person didn’t actually produce, that was the brilliant Malavasi’s and Romani’s big thing. A bad habit of Petrus sometimes was to take the credits of musicians, many times promised to be credited as producers of the albums, a behavior that naturally made people less eager to work with him to put it mildly. Both Dennis Coffey, Mike Theodore and Kashif experienced that on the first album of High Fashion on which they were credited as assistant producers.