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Samson & Delilah ‎ - I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away

I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away

Samson & Delilah ‎

Saturn Records (US)

Format: 12''

Year: 1984


Samson & Delilah reached the underground dancefloors by ’84 with their only electro boogie track “I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away”.

Here is the promo issue on the soul and pop Pittsburgh-based label Saturn Records. It features the same tracklist as the main release and is backed with an impressive intrumental version.

The song was co-produced by Bruce Nazarian who also was responsible for several soul smash hits including Ron Banks’  ’83 LP, Sweet Pea Atkinson’s ’82 tracks, Millie Scott’s ’86 releases to name a few…