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Top Shelf -Episode #2 (November 2016)

Top Shelf -Episode #2 (November 2016)

This month’s episode features an exclusive interview of Boogie80 Co-Founder, Marwan, who shares with us his passion for 80’s Funk & Soul music, reveals his favorite digging spots and presents his latest discoveries. Enjoy !


Some Records presented in this episode have already been added in the release section of our website. Here are some direct links:

Active Force – Give Me Your Love (1983)

Thomas Esterine – Hello (1988)

Cool Runners – Checking Out (1982)

Bernice Watkins – Let’s Call It A Day (1984)

Big City Beat Band – Can I Be Your Friend (198?)

Affinity – For You And Me (198?)

Bennie Braxton – Come To Me (1983)

Midnite – Paradise Drive (1983)