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Top Shelf – Episode #6 (March 2017)

Top Shelf – Episode #6 (March 2017)

TOP SHELF is video program created by the Boogie80 team that aims to build a bridge between music from the past and the new generation of artists, DJs and record collectors. The first part lies in a record review of 80’s vinyls in various styles including Soul, Funk,Disco, Boogie, Jazz Funk. The second part features interviewS of 80’s artists,  relevant DJs, vinyl collectors and Modern Funk producers.

This 6th episode features an interview of Kashif Kroche  from the The Funky Drive Band who recently opened a record shop in Lyon dedicated to black music.


The record reviews includes the following records:

Five O’ Clock – When The Cat’s Away

Tania Maria – Come To Me

The Mannhatans – Crazy

Shock – Love Affair

Deluxe – Your Lovin’ Drives Me Crazy
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